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Board Committees

Credit Committee

  • Formulate Credit and Advances Policies
  • The Committee appraise all credits above N500,000
  • Monitor credit performance of the Bank.

Audit Committee


  • Formulate Internal Control and Audit Policies.
  • Monitors compliance with the set up policies and Regulatory guidelines
  • Monitors Internal audit and Control performance.

Finance/Investment Committee


  • Formulate policies for Finance and Investment of the Bank.
  • Monitors Assets and liabilities of the Bank.
  • Monitor the Spread of investment Portfolio
  • Performs oversight functions in maintaining financial discipline
  • Approves both capital and current expenditure budget.
  • Review cost of funds and income generated by the entire assets.
  • Review and update income generation strategies.
  • Monitors budgetary control and compliance.
  • Resources generation, deployment and allocation.
  • Capital Assets budgeting, control, implementation and monitoring.

I.T. Steering Committee

  • Review and update the IT/ICT Operations policy.
  • Review and update IT strategic plan.
  • Evaluation of IT development and changeover.
  • Review of Data Recovery Strategy.
  • Procurement of IT infrastructures and installations.
  • IT Security and Control System.