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Products and Services

Deposits Products

Bama Micro-wealth Savings (CMS)

The product is designed for traders especially market women, artisans, cooperatives and other self- employed individuals.


  • A minimum tenor of three (3) months daily savings without withdrawal.
  • Fixed minimum daily contribution.
  • Two (2) % higher than the prevailing interest rate.
  • Can also serve as collateral for loan.


Bama Target Savings (CTS)

The product is designed for target savers aiming to save for a purpose such as school fees, rent or vacation.


  • A minimum tenor of six (6) months daily, weekly or monthly savings without withdrawal.
  • Five (5) % higher than the prevailing interest rate.
  • Can also serve as collateral for loan.
  • Eligible for quarterly Promos


Bama Savings Account (CSA)

Designed to encourage saving cultural.


  • Minimum account opening of 500Naira
  • Interest rate of 3% per annum
  • Access to loan


Bama Mega Savings Account (CMSA)

This product is designed for medium income earners.


  • Minimum account opening balance of 20,000Naira
  • Membership of Bama Mega Club
  • 2% higher than prevailing interest rate
  • Access to loan


Bama Group Account (CGA)

Designed to meet the needs of organized group of people like associations and cooperatives


  • The group will open the account
  • Members are required to open individual account with minimum account opening balance
  • Free financial advisory services
  • Group guarantee to be used as collateral for loan


Bama Catch Them Young (CCTY)

To save towards the future needs of the children.


  • Minimum opening balance
  • Minimum monthly lodgment
  • 1% interest rate above prevailing rate
  • Membership of CCTY club
  • Access to loan to pay school fees
  • Scholarships
  • Maximum withdrawal once a month


Bama Apprentice Support Scheme (CASS)

This is designed to build a solid foundation for the apprentice's future.


  • Minimum daily contribution
  • Can access loan up to 200% of saving at the end of apprenticeship period
  • Maximum tenor of 1year

Loan Products

Bama Salary Advance

This is the bridging gap finance to meet the financial needs of those in paid employment with reputable companies.


  • Loan up to 50% of monthly salary
  • Evidence of payment e.g. pay slip
  • Facility to be cleaned up maximum of three (3) months after draw down


Bama LPO Financing

This product is granted only to clients that have contracts from blue chip companies like Oil and Gas, Banks, Telecoms etc


  • Equity contribution of 30%
  • Repayment from contract proceeds
  • LPO confirmation and domiciliation of payment to be put in place
  • Cheque to be issued in the name of supplier or manufacturer of product


Bama Transportation Support Scheme

The loan is to support transportation assets like cars, tricycles and motorcycles. It is open to individual and groups.


  • Equity contribution of 30%
  • To be purchased in the name of CMFB from reputable dealers with warranty
  • Comprehensive insurance cover with CMFB noted as first lost payee
  • Maximum tenor of 12months
  • Flexible repayment arrangement


Bama Temporary Overdraft

Designed to serve working capital needs of customers for a period of one month


  • Existing account must to be run for 3months
  • Flexible interest rate
  • Can be enjoyed consecutively for three (3) months
  • Requires turnover clauses


Bama Assets Acquisition Scheme

The loan is for traders, artisans and low income earners in paid employment for acquisition of assets like generator, electronics, kitchen and other household products


  • Provide a guarantor
  • Loan period of 180days
  • Flexible repayment an arrangement
  • Comprehensive Insurance

Other Accounts

Bama Corporate and Sole Proprietorship Account

The account is designed to meet banking needs of registered business entities.


  • Issuance of personalized cheque book
  • Minimum account opening balance
  • Flexible COT
  • Access to loan
  • Deposit and withdrawal from correspondent Bank branches


Bama Hole Pilgrimage Account

Encourage Christians and Muslims to save in order to perform their pilgrimage to holy cities in Jerusalem and Mecca respectively.


  • Open a holy pilgrimage account
  • Save up to 50% cost of pilgrimage
  • Access loan up to 100% of cost of pilgrimage
  • Repayable in 12 equal monthly installments


Bama Micro Housing Scheme

Designed for low income earners and first time home owners who want to own their personal affordable home; extend their already existing home or renovate existing home.


  • Provide a property or landed documents
  • Loan period of  365 days
  • Flexible repayment an arrangement
  • Comprehensive Insurance


Bama Micro Insurance Scheme

Designed for low income earners to maintain life, health or property insurance scheme and pay with ease.


  • Choose an Insurance Policy
  • Flexible payment plan
  • Easy access to claims


Assets Acquisition Scheme